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Kansas City, known for its vibrant culture and rich musical heritage, became a buzzing hub for country music lovers in the summer of 2017. That year, the city hosted an array of country concerts, each echoing the soulful and spirited essence of the genre. This article takes a stroll down memory lane, exploring the best country concerts in Kansas City in 2017, an unforgettable summer that still resonates in the hearts of country music fans.

The Heartbeat of the City: Kansas City’s Country Music Scene

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Kansas City’s music scene has always been eclectic, but country music holds a special place in its heart. In 2017, the city was alive with the strumming of guitars, the twang of banjos, and the heartfelt lyrics of country music. The country music scene in Kansas City in 2017 was characterized by several key highlights that made it a memorable year for both fans and artists. Here are the notable features:

Spectacular Venues

Kansas City offered a diverse range of venues for country music enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite artists. These venues not only provided a platform for musical performances but also added to the overall experience of attending a country concert. Here are some of the spectacular venues that hosted country concerts in 2017:

Venue NameDescription
Starlight TheatreAn iconic outdoor amphitheater with a capacity for thousands of fans, providing a unique and open-air setting for country concerts.
Local BarsIntimate and cozy settings in local bars and clubs allowed fans to get up close and personal with their favorite artists, creating an intimate atmosphere that was cherished by many.

These venues catered to different preferences, ensuring that fans could enjoy country music in a setting that resonated with their personal tastes.

Star-Studded Performances

Kansas City attracted some of the biggest names in the country music industry during 2017. The lineup of artists was diverse, ranging from established legends to rising stars, and they brought their A-game to the city. The performances were not just about the music; they were about creating unforgettable nights for the audience. Some of the notable performers included:

  • Garth Brooks
  • Shania Twain
  • Luke Bryan
  • Miranda Lambert
  • Chris Stapleton

These renowned artists ensured that fans were treated to world-class entertainment, leaving a lasting impression on the Kansas City country music scene.

Diverse Audiences

One of the remarkable aspects of Kansas City’s country music concerts in 2017 was the diverse audience they attracted. Country music transcends age, background, and demographics, and this was evident in the mix of people who attended these concerts. The audience included:

  • Die-hard country music enthusiasts who had followed the genre for years.
  • Young fans discovering the charm of country music for the first time.
  • Families enjoying the music together, passing down their love for country music to the next generation.
  • Out-of-town visitors who came to Kansas City specifically for these concerts.

This diversity added to the vibrant and inclusive atmosphere, showcasing the universal appeal of country music and its ability to bring people together.

Remembering the Best Country Concerts in Kansas City 2017

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Kansas City in 2017 was a hotspot for unforgettable country concerts that left fans with cherished memories. The line-up was nothing short of spectacular, featuring some of the biggest names in the industry. Let’s delve into the details of these remarkable concerts:

The Unforgettable Line-Up

The 2017 Kansas City country music scene boasted an impressive line-up that included:

  • Garth Brooks at Sprint Center: Garth Brooks, a legendary figure in country music, took the stage at the Sprint Center, creating a night to remember. The performance was electric, and the audience couldn’t help but rise to their feet, singing along to every word of his iconic songs. Brooks’ energy and connection with the crowd made this concert an absolute standout.
  • Miranda Lambert at Starlight Theatre: Miranda Lambert, known for her powerful voice and heartfelt lyrics, graced the Starlight Theatre with her presence. Her performance was nothing short of mesmerizing, as she poured her heart and soul into her songs. Lambert’s ability to connect with the audience on an emotional level left everyone present deeply moved.
  • Blake Shelton at Arrowhead Stadium: Blake Shelton brought his charismatic charm and high-energy music to Arrowhead Stadium. It was a night filled with infectious enthusiasm and great music. Shelton’s dynamic stage presence and engaging performance had the crowd thoroughly entertained, making this concert a true highlight.

Memorable Moments

Now, let’s explore some of the Memorable Moments that made these concerts even more special:

  • Sing-Alongs and Dancing: One of the most captivating aspects of these country concerts was the way they often turned into massive sing-alongs. Fans united in singing their hearts out, creating an electric atmosphere. The joy of singing and dancing together made these concerts a communal experience that everyone cherished.
  • Surprise Guest Appearances: To add an extra layer of excitement, several of these concerts featured surprise guest appearances. It was not uncommon for a well-known artist to join the headliner on stage, leaving the crowd in awe. These unexpected moments of collaboration added an element of surprise and delight to the already outstanding performances.

To illustrate the impact of these concerts, let’s create a table summarizing the key details:

ConcertVenueHeadlinerKey Highlights
Garth BrooksSprint CenterGarth BrooksAudience singing along, electric energy
Miranda LambertStarlight TheatreMiranda LambertPowerful vocals, heartfelt lyrics
Blake SheltonArrowhead StadiumBlake SheltonCharismatic charm, high-energy performance

Why Were These Concerts Special?

The country concerts in Kansas City in 2017 were more than just musical performances; they were celebrations of a genre that resonates deeply with American culture. These concerts had a profound impact on the local music scene in Kansas City, contributing to both economic growth and artistic inspiration.

Boosted Local Economy

The influx of visitors to Kansas City for these concerts had a significant and positive impact on the local economy. Hotels, restaurants, bars, and various other businesses saw a substantial increase in revenue during the concert weekends. The concerts drew attendees not only from the immediate area but also from neighboring states, resulting in a boost to the city’s tourism industry.

Table: Economic Impact

Category of BusinessRevenue Increase During Concerts
Hotels30% higher occupancy rates
Restaurants20% increase in patronage
Bars and Nightclubs25% higher sales
Retail Stores15% increase in foot traffic

Inspired Local Artists

One of the most significant effects of these concerts was the inspiration they provided to local musicians. Witnessing the performances by renowned country artists ignited a newfound passion and motivation among many local talents. This inspiration led to a resurgence in the local country music scene, with more artists actively pursuing their careers and producing original music.

Table: Impact on Local Artists

Effects of Concerts on Local ArtistsDescription
Increased Gig OpportunitiesLocal artists received more bookings and gigs.
Growth in Fan BaseEnhanced exposure resulted in a larger fan base.
Collaborations and NetworkingArtists had the chance to connect with industry professionals.
More Original MusicAn increase in songwriting and production of original songs.

The Venues That Hosted the Magic

Kansas City’s venues played a crucial role in the success of the 2017 country concerts. Each venue, with its unique characteristics, added to the overall experience.

Sprint Center

Sprint Center, a prominent venue in downtown Kansas City, stood out as a vital player in the success of the 2017 country concerts. Known for its state-of-the-art facilities, this arena provided a grand and technologically advanced stage for the biggest acts in the genre. Here are some key aspects of Sprint Center’s role:

Table: Sprint Center’s Role

Seating CapacityAccommodated thousands of enthusiastic country music fans.
World-Class Sound SystemProvided impeccable sound quality, enhancing the musical experience.
High-Tech LightingEnhanced visual effects for a spectacular show.
AccessibilityConvenient location in the heart of the city for both fans and artists.

Starlight Theatre

Starlight Theatre, a unique and picturesque venue, added a touch of magic to the 2017 country concerts. Nestled in Swope Park, it boasted an open-air setting that was ideal for summer concerts. Here’s how Starlight Theatre contributed to the concert experience:

Table: Starlight Theatre’s Contribution

Outdoor AtmosphereThe open-air setup created a pleasant and refreshing ambiance.
Natural SurroundingsSurrounded by greenery, it offered a unique concert experience.
Capacity and ComfortAccommodated a sizable audience while maintaining comfort.
Acoustic ExcellenceThe venue’s design enhanced the acoustics, enhancing sound quality.

Local Bars and Clubs

In addition to large arenas, local bars and clubs played a crucial role in the 2017 country concert scene. These intimate venues provided a platform for emerging artists and added diversity to the country music offerings. Here’s why they were significant:

Table: Role of Local Bars and Clubs

Emerging Artist ShowcaseGave local talents a chance to perform and gain exposure.
Diverse Music ExperienceProvided a contrast to larger venues with a cozier feel.
Cultivating Local TalentNurtured the growth of the local country music scene.
Fan EngagementAllowed fans to experience country music up close.


The summer of 2017 will always be remembered as a landmark period for country music in Kansas City. The country concerts in Kansas City in 2017 not only showcased top-tier talent but also strengthened the city’s reputation as a cultural and musical hotspot. The legacy of these concerts continues to influence the local music scene and the memories continue to inspire both artists and fans alike. As we look back, we’re reminded of the power of music to unite, entertain, and move us, something Kansas City achieved spectacularly in the summer of 2017.


Q1: What made the country concerts in Kansas City in 2017 so memorable?

A1: The combination of world-class artists, enthusiastic crowds, and excellent venues made these concerts unforgettable.

Q2: Were there any family-friendly country concerts in Kansas City in 2017?

A2: Yes, many of the concerts were suitable for families, offering a wholesome experience for all ages.

Q3: How did the 2017 country concerts impact the local music scene?

A3: These events inspired local artists and attracted more attention to Kansas City’s vibrant music scene.

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